Can’t pick your family

The week has been long.  Honest conversations with relatives didn’t pan out the way I had hoped.  My sister is stressed beyond belief and is carrying so much on her young shoulders I’m afraid she’ll crumble and my lovable nephews will be the ones to suffer from the fallout.  You can’t take care of everyone.  We make our own beds and need to deal with the consequences for our actions.  I find it disgusting that the kind-hearted are railroaded and guilted by the corrupt.

I wish those involved could step back and look at the situation unbiased and realize what their actions are doing to this poor girl.  Blood is blood and you can’t pick your family, but you can decide how you’ll be treated by them and where you’ll draw the line.  I hope all the people I love can one day see clear to message and take a stand.  However, today it’s nothing more than a pipe dream.


Gotta Dance

Screenshot_2016-01-03-21-18-47~2Yesterday marked our 2nd performance of Gotta Dance starting Stefanie Powers.  The show is simply wonderful and can’t wait for it to hit Broadway in the fall.  I had the extreme pleasure of getting to meet with Stefanie after the show.  This was my second meeting this month.  Stefanie was incredibly sincere and genuine and certainly made me feel welcome.  The show runs two more nights and I only wish I had tickets for both.  Will be hard to top this as 2016 continues.